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1. What does ICPA stand for?

ICPA stands for Indian Centre for Performing Arts. It is an online global art school for Indian performing arts comprising of Music, Acting and Dance.

2. Where can I get detailed information about ICPA?

Visit our website: www.icpa.world Watch our tutorial videos Or Go to our ICPA WORLD Facebook page

3. How do I register?

From the Home page click on the tab ‘Register’, then select ‘Teacher’ or ‘Student’ whichever is appropriate for you. A Registration form will open up. Fill this with your details. If you want further assistance please watch our Registration tutorial video for Teachers and Students.

4. Is there a registration fee?

The entire Registration process is FREE.

5. Who can register as a teacher?

A performing art teacher should have sufficient amount of knowledge and experience in the field of his or her expertise. It should reflect in their resume.

6. Who can register as a student?

Any person can register as a student if he or she is interested in learning any Indian performing art form.

7. Can I take classes without registering myself?

No, you have to register in order to attend classes.

8. What do I need for registration?

For Teachers:

  • Mobile & Whatsapp no
  • Email id
  • Biodata
  • One Profile photo
  • One performance photo
  • Bank details: Account No, Account Name, Name of bank, IFSC Code.

All these are mandatory.

We would also request you to provide us with: Youtube URLs or any other video links of your performances and your website details to furnish your page better.

9. What do we need for registration?

For Students:

  • Mobile & Whatsapp no
  • Email id
  • Profile photo. All these are mandatory

Optional: Biodata / Qualifications.

10. Can I register for more than one discipline?

You can register for more than one discipline whether you are a teacher or a student. Under one Department (Music, Acting or Dance) the registration number will be the same (for e.g. Teacher - M1289 means he or she is registered under Music Department. If the same teacher also wants to teach dance then he or she needs to register separately in the Dance department and the registration number will start with D – Dance)

The same is applicable for students. For e.g. a student registered under ‘Acting’ will have AS10486 / Dance student DS14492 / Music student MS11878.

11. If I want to discontinue my classes should I cancel my registration?

The choice is yours. You can either retain it or cancel the registration number.

12. Teachers – How do I schedule classes?

You can watch our tutorial video on ‘How to schedule classes’.

13. Teachers – For how long do the classes have to be scheduled?

Classes have to be scheduled for at least three months. You always have the option of rescheduling the classes later. Please see more details in FAQ 14.

14. Teachers – How can I change my class schedule?

Please follow our tutorial video on scheduling classes. You can’t change already booked classes before making alternative arrangements with the student.

15. What is the duration of each class?

The average duration of a class is one hour unless any special arrangement is negotiated between the teacher and the student.

16. Student – How do I buy classes?

Please follow our tutorial video

17. Are the classes prepaid?

All classes are prepaid.

18. Why are there two different fee structures: one for up to 3 classes and another for 4 and above?

In the interest of both teachers & students we have made this arrangement. There are two kinds of fee structures for the classes. Casual class - when a student books between one to three classes. Regular class - booking 4 or more classes at the same time. The class fee for Casual class is 50% more than a Regular class.

From the point of view of a student: Anybody can book a casual class on a trial basis and get familiar with the teacher and then take a decision to continue or not.

From a teacher’s perspective the teacher is compensated by 50% more class fee for the casual classes and gets familiar with the student and makes an evaluation. A teacher has the option of discontinuing a student if not happy with the progress or the conduct.

19. Who fixes the class fee?

All the class fees are set by the teachers. Though we have a policy of minimum per class fee US$20.

20. Teachers – How much is ICPA charging for online classes?

ICPA is charging only 15% of the class fee for providing this service. The amount will be automatically deducted from the collection and bank transfer will be made to the teacher’s account on the following month.

21. Student – Can I get a refund of my classes?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund class fee because RBI restricts transfer of US Dollars from Indian bank accounts. However, we can provide you with an alternative class booking with that amount so you do not incur any loss.

22. Why are all the fees mentioned in US$ Dollars?

It is an international academy and our students are from all over the world. For the convenience of the teachers and the students we have kept the currency common to set the class fee uniformly.

23. Teachers – Why do I need to give my bank details?

The entire process will happen through bank transaction and we are strictly following RBI guidelines. The class fees deposited in our ‘ICPA World’ Bank account will be automatically transferred to the teacher’s account in the following month. Without getting the bank details we cannot complete this action.

24. When will the amount be credited to teachers?

The booked class fee will be transferred to the teacher’s account in the following month.

25. Teachers – Can I take group classes? When will you start?

We have already planned for group classes. We will be updating you shortly once we are ready with that service. We are in a process of research & development with the functionality of the classroom.

26. Can I learn African dance or other forms of Global music at ICPA?

At ICPA we only provide classes on all kinds of Indian Performing Arts – Music, Acting and Dance.

27. Student – Do you teach all kinds of Music, Acting and Dance?

We teach all kinds of Indian performing arts. Say for instance Music – Classical, semi classical, devotional, modern, folk, regional (Bengali/Marathi/Punjabi/Tamil /Malayalam to name a few). We also have instrumental music classes for all Indian instruments and a few western instruments too which are used in Indian music.

In Dance our range includes all classical formats to creative, Bollywood, regional & even tribal dances.

Extensive training in acting in Film, Television, web series and other forms of audiovisuals to encapsulate the entire palette of Indian panorama. We are in a process of developing our Academy’s faculty to cover the entire range of Indian performing art forms.

28. Student – Can ICPA arrange the teacher of my choice who is not in the registered list?

If you have any teacher of your choice we can always try to invite him/her to join our institute. Finally, it will depend on the teacher’s choice and availability.

29. Teachers – Do I need to schedule my classes regularly?

You certainly need to schedule your classes at least for the first 3 months. After that you can update your classes on a regular basis. Remember, if your classes are not scheduled in advance, interested students won’t be able to buy them.

30. Teachers – Can I change my schedule if required?

You can reschedule your classes at any point of time BUT you can’t reschedule it once it is booked. Teacher needs to negotiate with the student first and find out a suitable alternative time for the class.

31. Student – If need be, can I change my booked class date or timing?

Usually timing cannot be changed once the class is booked BUT the student can request the teacher to change the class timings to a mutually convenient time. It is an understanding between the teacher and the student.

32. Student – Can we request a teacher to reschedule the timing on a particular date?

You can send a request to the teacher to reschedule their class timing and accommodate you in their class. It depends on the availability of the teacher. Some teachers are extremely busy so it might not be possible for them.

33. What happens if I miss a class?

In today’s fast paced life, time is priceless! So, we would request the student and the teacher to have utmost respect for each other’s time.

Let me tell you what the official rule book of ICPA says:

  • If the student misses the class, he or she misses it. The teacher will wait for 15 minutes and then logout. It can’t be rescheduled later.
  • If a teacher misses a class then he or she will compensate the student with two classes for the price of one in a mutual available time.

Dear teachers & students, you can always avoid this situation by acting in advance. If you let the other party know that you won’t be able to make it on time, then you can just request for a time change, which we believe will be possible in most of the cases. That also shows our mutual respect for each other’s time. We would highly appreciate, if you could let others know that you won’t be able to make it on time and let that person not wait for you.

34. If I am late for a class, what happens?

It is applicable for both teachers and students that they will wait for 15 minutes and then logout if they have not been informed in advance by the other party that he or she will be late or won’t be able to make it for the class.

For more information go to Q 33.

35. Due to technical reasons if a class gets disturbed or cancelled, what happens?

For technical reasons if a class gets cancelled the teacher & the student should fix a closest possible convenient date and inform the Administrator for the needful changes and records.

36. Regarding any dispute or problem who should I contact? Contact information?

Regarding any dispute or problem please contact

Administrator ICPA World
Phone & whatsapp +917890005001

37. How can I talk to the Administrator?

You can call our Administrator: Meghna @ +917890005001 (10am – 10pm IST)

38. Can I communicate directly with the teacher regarding any query?

You can communicate directly with the teacher. Preferably by mail, Whatsapp or phone calls. You will find it at the teacher’s home page.

39. Student – In which language will the classes be conducted?

Usually the classes will be conducted in English but you will find some regional discipline teachers like Bengali/Hindi/Gujrati/Telegu or Tamil for example, who would like to conduct their classes in their native language. Students can find out from the teachers in advance.

40. Student – Can I learn only for 2 months?

You can even do one class, the choice is yours.

41. Why are all the schedules mentioned in Indian Standard Time (IST)?

Most of the teachers in ICPA are from India and the students will be from all over the world. To keep a common track of time we have decided to mention all time schedules in Indian Standard time zone (IST) which is 4:30 hours + GMT during summer & 5:30 hours + GMT during winter. India doesn’t change time during winter or summer.

42. When a class is booked how we will be informed?

Once you book a class a system generated mail will be instantly delivered to the teacher and the student along with a whatsapp message with the class details. Additionally a text message will be delivered to the teacher’s mobile phone.

43. Do I need to have a Phone, whatsapp number and email id?

For teachers and the students you certainly need these things for taking part in ICPA online classes: Phone number, Whatsapp no, email id and a healthy internet connection.

44. Teachers – What happens if I don’t have a website and Youtube videos?

Dear teachers, it is not mandatory to have a website or Youtube performance videos uploaded but in case you have those we would love to furnish it in your page, so that people can get more information about you.

45. Teachers – What is the difference between a Profile photo and a Performance photo?

A profile photo is like a portrait which we use in thumbnails.

A performance photo is more like a cover page photo which will be featured in your Artist page.

46. What are the Technical requirements for the classes?

The Technical requirements are: Laptop or desktop computer, healthy internet connection, properly lighted room for good visibility, headphone or speakers for comfortable listening. If you want to do the class with a smart phone please make sure it supports the protocol.

47. Is there a Dress Code?

We would strongly recommend to teachers & students to maintain appropriate attire during class sessions. We would highly appreciate paying respect to each other’s culture.

48. Can I record my class?

You can record your classes for personal use only but please don’t post it on Youtube or other social media.

49. Can I do my class with my smart phone?

You can do your class with your smart phone if our webinar supports it.

50. Instead of using your webinar, can we do our classes through whatsapp video call, Skype, Google Duo, Hangout or any other video chat?

Teachers and students you can do your classes with any available video chat application but we would always suggest you to use our dedicated webinar because then we will have all digital foot-prints of your class activity. In case of any dispute we will be able to find solutions for you. Otherwise it won’t be possible for us to keep track.

Click here to open Admin Chatroom