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Class Fees:

All class fees will be fixed by the teachers. ICPA has a minimum per hour class fee policy of US$20. There is no upper limit of the class fee, the teacher decides it.

Code of Conduct:

We have zero tolerance level for code of conduct for both students and teachers. No un-parliamentary language should be used during the class sessions.


Time is priceless! So, we would request the student and the teacher to have utmost respect for each other's time.

I. If the student misses the class, he or she misses it. The teacher will wait for 15 minutes and then logout. It can't be rescheduled later.

II. If a teacher misses a class then he or she will compensate the student with two classes for the price of one in a mutual available time.

RBI guideline:

All the financial transaction will be through bank – we are strictly following RBI directives.

Class fees will be transferred to the teacher's account on the following month.

Change of Class schedule:

Please follow our tutorial video on scheduling classes. You can't change already booked classes before making alternative arrangements with the student.

Refund Class fees:

Unfortunately, we cannot refund class fee because RBI restricts transfer of US Dollars from Indian bank accounts. However, we can provide you with an alternative class booking with that amount so you do not incur any loss.

Dress Code:

We would strongly recommend to teachers & students to maintain appropriate attire during class sessions. We would highly appreciate paying respect to each other's culture.

Class recording:

You can record your class through any screen capture software for personal use but you can't publish it in YouTube or any social media.

Dedicated Webinar:

Teachers and students you can do your classes with any available video chat application but we would always suggest you to use our dedicated video conference software because then we will have all digital foot-prints of your class activity. In case of any dispute we will be able to find solutions for you. Otherwise it won't be possible for us to keep track.

Every teacher has their own dedicated video classroom.

This software also have mobile app you can even use that – incase if you want to do your class with your mobile phone.

Android or ios – Gruveo – Magic Call Link


To conduct the class smoothly we highly recommend healthy internet connection, lighted room for good visibility, headphone or speakers for proper listening and a presentable neat and clean classroom to create a nice ambiance.

Regarding any dispute or problem please contact:

Administrator ICPA World
Phone & whatsapp +917890005001