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Smt Anuradha Kuber - M1020

Discipline: Khayal
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
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    US$ 30 per class (for 3 or less class booking)
  • swarangini@gmail.com
  • +91 7397835197
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Anuradha is a well-known vocalist of the Bhendi Bazar Gharana. She has been trained for 15 years by the veteran musician Guru Pt. T.D. Janorikar, the foremost exponent of the Gharana. During the training period she learnt all the facets of the gayaki from her guru. Currently she is being guided by the well known harmonium maestro and musicologist Dr. Arawind Thatte. She is endowed with a rich and mellifluous voice which makes her adept at singing both light and classical music with equal ease. Her sweet, seasoned and pliable voice with easy reach in all the three Saptaks makes her disciplined exposition of the Raags full of aesthetic and emotive content. She is an ‘A Grade ’ artist of A.I.R for Classical Vocal music. And a top grade artist for light music.

Anuradha has performed extensively in many major Indian cities for renouned music organizations and festivals.. Noted among them are. SAWAI GAMDHARVA MAHOTSAV PUNE, VISHNU DIGAMBAR JAYANTI SAMAROHA DELHI, INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, NCPA AND SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY She is the recipient of many awards and scholarships like Gaanhira award, Sur Mani award, Manik Varma award. HRD ministry scholarship and the Junior research fellowship awarded by the UGC. She has many CDs to her credit and has also performed in many thematic concerts. Raag-Maalaa is her music school where she teaches music to aspiring pupils.

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