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Shri Adnan Khan - M1215

Discipline: Sitar
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 30 per class
  • adnansitar@gmail.com
  • +91 9953663073


Adnan khan born into a family of illustrious musician.The son of renowned Sitar player Ustad Saeed Khan of dilli  gharana, Adnan khan started his initial sitar taalim under his maternal grand father, Late Ustad  Zafar Ahmed Khan. He has since been learning the intricacies of the instrument from his father. The gayaki ang is clearly palpable in his rendition of sitar. Further, he gives stress on melody and fine tonal quality, purity of ragas, swar and sargam. 

Adnan Khan belongs to two livieage of music gharana  kirana gharana from paternal side and dilli gharana from maternal side .He belongs to a family which relates to many stalwarts like Ustad abdul waheed khan sahab   Ustad bundu khan sahab ustad shakoor khan sahab Usatd Naseer ahmed khan Ustad niaz ahmed khan Ustad faiyaz ahmed khan and many more .The talented young Adnan 1st performed in age of 8th. Adnan  has performed in programmes throughout India and abroad  including the music festival of baba   Harballav sangeet sammelan   ,   Kal ke Kalakar in Mumbai Arohi music festival .Ustad vilayat khan foundation. ITC sangeet sammelan .bangal foundation Bangladesh .salt lake music conference. Rajiye sangeet academy and many more. He was  a senior A  grade  Scholar at ITC SRA under Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan from December 2009