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Shri Manoj Baruah - M1323

Discipline: Violin
  • US$ 20 per class
  • baruahmanoj@rediffmail.com
  • +91 9864077578



                                                  MUSICIANS RESUME:-


NAME:-  Sri Manoj Baruah  [ Violinist]

Address:- Bhetapara  ,Sonali path Guwahati , dispur , Assam .

Contact number:-  +91 7896835883

Email:- baruahmanoj@rediffmail.com

 About :-


Sri Manoj Baruah hails from a family of Musicians associated with “Maihar Gharana” which is accepted to be around Hundreds years old. Manoj Baruah displayed his own prodigious talent in his early childhood. He started learning violin from his elder brother  at the age of five .in the  later stage he moved to Kolkata for advance technique to play violin. He started learning from famous   violinist smt. Sulaya Banerjee .Then  last 15 years sri . baruah as a disciple to renowned violinist of india , Prof Sisirkana Dhar Choudhury , improved his talent and technique in exceptional dimension particularly in the creativity zone of indian classical music . Meanwhile Sri Baruah held Master Degree from “ Rabindra Bharati University” securing first class in instrumental music .    

Sri Baruah is maintaining remarkable command on this instrument  particularly on bowing and fingering  .Besides ,his instrumental tune has high degree of tonal quality having an emotional impact on the listeners.He has improved himself to play all kinds of music with lots of variations. He can aslo play the musical instrument cello in Indian classical style.



 Achievement:-

 A regular artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan.

 Awarded in the instrumental music competition in 1995 organised by Baba Allauddin Khan Memorial Committee.

 Awarded National scholarship by the Govt. of India in 1997.

 He in an approved All India Radio composer.

 Awarded by West Bengal State Academy  of Dance ,Drama ,Music and Visual Arts in 1996.

 Awarded in the Maya Mitra Memorial instrument competition from Aurobindo Institute of  Culture in 1997.

 Awarded in All Assam Violin competition  in Classical and light music.

 Awarded Hiren Roy Smriti Puraskar from Rabindra Bharati in 2001.

 Awarded  Sangeet Prabha  by NEFSED in 2001.

 He is highly appreciated for displaying  western  music ,jazz music, and Blues etc.

 Working as a composer ,arranger and music director in numbers of films,tele-films and various albums.

 Oblate sri Baruah was  awarded  by Assam Sangeet Sanmilan in 2011.

 Amazone company of Birmingham England released a 10 selected Raag based Hindi song of sri baruah in 2009 name [ Ayurveda Ragas ]

 Oriada   company , Holand realesed a cd of baruah labelled Violin recital in 2005.

 He has travelled extencively across the Globe and visited the countries like U.K, Germany, France, Holand , Switzerland,Italy ,Denmark ,Spain ,Austria, Belgium, Sweden,Norway, Bangladesh  where he was able to win the heart of the audience.

 Represented India  at a Music festival organised by Musica Sacra International in 2004 and achieved the title of best Musician.

 The said Musica Sacre International  arranged live recording of the  programme of sri Manoj  baruah  and realised a cd which contained to Raag Jog and 


 Successfully Released two Cd cassette with  Bihan music  Kolkata 2017


1> Resonance of Melody

2> A Tribute To Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika 

 He is successfully  running a music  institute named Guwahati School Of Music 

 People from all over the world came to his place to learn violin from him







 Participated in 7th  South Asia  festival at Hamburg University ,Germany in 2009.

 Sri Manoj Baruah has  played Violin in a song EQUINOX OF  FIRE  DIRECTED BY Peter Ridsdale which has been declared as best song from WOLVERHAMPTON RADIO, Eangland in 2010.

 Represented India at a music festival Musica Sacre International  in Baviera in South Germany

 Regular perfomer in Indian embassy Berlin in Germany.

 Regular performer  Theatre and amfadem   in Germany.

 He has played in  the International  albums  Dreams Of Hydrogen Days ,Atlas of Forgotten Songs,Hymns of the Black Flag, by ECHO PARK ORCHESTRA, which have been appreciated by Chris Evans ,The Curve Ball ,Wolverhampton City Radio Germany

 Education qualification:- 

 M.A. in instrumental music {violin } first class first position.