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Shri Subhasish Banerjee - M1368

Discipline: Sarod
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 20 per class
  • subhasish.sarod@gmail.com
  • +91 9830991038
  • +91 9830662219



Subhasish Banerjee was born in a musical family on 31st October, 1984. At the age of 10 he was introduced to sarod by his father Sri Kanai Lal Banerjee from whom he took initial Talim.


Later in he obtained his further Talim from Pt. Bimalendyu Banerjee, a great sitar player and an outstanding trainer as well.Thereafter he was embraced with enormous love and endearment by the eminent Sarod maestro of Maihar Gharana Late Pt. Birendra Nath Banerjee, who had helped him to embellish his style of playing the instrument.


In the year of 2005 he qualified in the audition of I.T.C Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and got the opportunity to receive his precious Talim from Pt. Budhadeb Dasgupta, another great exponent of the Indian Classical Music.


Further Subhasish had also been cherished by Late Pt. Kamal Mallik, the popular Sarod player.Now he is taking Taalim from his guru Pt. Shyamal Chatterjee. He also performed Siddha Yogashram in Benaras,Kalavikash Parishad Gadag,Indian Dental Association, West Bengal, Madhuwanti Kala Kendra, Bangladesh, Iccr Kolkata Riyasaat Concert, Boyaam, Bangalore. He also got invitation letter to perform at Bhavan London.


Subhasish has performed in different prestigious programmes with hearty appreciation of the calculated audience. He has also been falicitated with Kala Apranji Award from Kala Vikash Parishad Gadag. Besides, Subhasish is a practicing Advocate of the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta.