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Shri Indranil Maitra - M1386

Discipline: Guitar , Harmonium , Pakhawaj , Percussion, Piano, Tabla
  • US$ 50 per class
  • musicandchildren4u@gmail.com
  • +91 9874448575


• Indranil Maitra        



Music plays a crucial role in the Wellness of living, helps to be a better person in life.



Mobile No - 9874448575

E-mail – musicandchildren4u@gmail.com 


Personal Skills: : Have the expertise to play and teach instruments like, Tabla, Cajon, Drums along with other percussions in both Indian and Western style. Also have the playing and basic teaching knowledge of String instruments like Guitars, Key Instrument like Keyboard and Wind instruments like Mouthorgan. Basic knowledge of vocals. 


Music Qualifications and Learnings


1) A trained Musician. Trained by many Music Gurus along with YAMAHA Music (Japan) Keyboard Demonstrator “Ms. Mina Nakagawa” as well as trained by qualified keyboardists of Concerto School of Music, (Affiliated to Trinity College of London) while working with Yamaha India.

2) Learned Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music.


Teaching and Training Qualification


1) Certification in Teaching, Training and Developing 

(Asian College Of Teachers)


2) Certified MICROSOFT Innovative Educator





1) Working as a Music Educator with Sunshine Worldwide School (IB Curriculum)

2)Was associated with YAMAHA INDIA as an Artist and Music Educator. 

HAVE trained and educated more than 20000 students across 150 schools PAN India.

2) Plays Drums in Events and Trade shows 

 3)Conducts Music coaching using various teaching and learning methods through different medias to train school children on various musical instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Drums & Tabla, 

 4) Plays Tabla, Drums and Percussion Instruments in musical concerts. Had been Playing Tabla in both classical and fusion style.