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Discipline: Tabla
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  • US$ 25 per class
  • subhasdastablaacademy@gmail.com
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Pandit Subhas Kanti Das comes from a highly respectable family of musician stepped  in ambience of music from his very birth, Shri das started to learn tabla at the age of five years from his father Pandit Satish Chandra Das there after he learned a long time tabla talim from Pandit Shankar Ghosh (Farukhabad Gharana) and Pandit Samar Saha ( Banaras Gharana ) only at the age of ten shri das was  honoured as the most talented young tabla player in India.

     Shri das has also obtained degree M.A. music tabla from Rabindra Bharti University and outher obtained degree received like Sangeet visharad , Sangeet Vibhakar , Sangeet Prabhakar , 

      Shri das has received many other prestigious awards like Jawaharlal Nehru Nehru Awards1982 , Sanskrit Academy Award (Government of Delhi) 2008 ; Tabla Ratna Award 2009 ; Sangeet Ratna Award 2010 ; Taal Shri Samman 2012 ;  Sangeet Kala Setu 2014 ; Deboshree Naad Sangeet Samman 2016 ;

He had performed solo and accompaniment in several music ok festival workshop all over India and abroad excellence as will as he is is a a regular artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan