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Shri Abhijit Baruri - M1524

Discipline: Tabla
  • US$ 20 per class
  • subhasankha33@gmail.com
  • +91 7679703083


Shree Abhijit Baruri has been a professional tabla player and teacher for nearly 50years.He is one of the closest disciples of the great Indian tabla maestro, Late Pandit Shyamal Bose.Born & brought up in a family where almost everyone was a devotee of Indian Classical Music,Abhijit began to get the insight into the vastness of this art from his childhood. He got his initial 'Talim' from his father Late Gopal Baruri. Later he was introduced to Late Pandit Shyamal Bose by his father himself. He was endowed with the richest compositions and various subtle ways of the art of tabla under the training of Shree Bose. Shree Abhijit Baruri has performed many times in Doordarshan and Akashvani Radio. This man has accompanied with many eminent artists like Ustad Wasim Ahmed Khan,Pandit Siuji Mishra,Bidusi Anusua Mukherjee,Buddhadev Das,Pandit Sudip Chaterjee, Sujan Adhikari, Saumyojit Paul and many others. Now he wants to spread all the teachings of his Guru and all what he achieved through his fifty years of perseverance in this art among all the tabla aspirants, learners and artists.