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Discipline: Tabla
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 25 per class
  • sanmukmusic@gmail.com
  • +91 8454949884



Alpesh started his musical journey few years back but to him it seemed like an age old affiliation. From his tender age he was fascinated by Rhythms and sounds but when he saw "TABLA" it was love at first sight for the instrument and the sound itself. He was always attracted to the ancient traditional art form, as it always tried to speak something in his ears through music. He is lucky and blessed to be trained under Guru Pt Sudhirkumar Saxena & Pt Supreet Deshpande Being trained in Guru Shishya parampara (The lineage of teacher to disciple) he also completed his Master's in Music (India) & has done research in field of Rhythmic patterns (UK).

 He has played solo and accompanied many senior artistes and participated in many Music Festivals in India and UK. To name few are UK Drum Fest, GW festival, World music festival, Northampton Festival and many more... 

    Performed at BBC RADIO at various events. Being Indian and trained in Indian classical music he has played in many musical forms like Jazz, African music, Electro music, Rock and folk music... 

      Currently he is involved in Teaching and performing activities and also formed Indo- Jazz fusion band called SamRaag which aims to promote & experiment with two different genres.