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Shri Sohail Hasan Mallik - M1564

Discipline: Ghazal, Harmonium , Khayal, Modern Hindi, Piano
  • US$ 20.00 per class
  • scarletshm@gmail.com
  • +91 9007563923
  • +91 8617286554


Sohail Hasan Mallik is a student of patiala kasoor gharana. He is student of Parthasarathi Desikan, Suvodeep Mukherjee, Nirmalya Roy, Chandan Roy Chowdhury and Prabir Karmakar. He learnt Guitar, Piano and Western classical theories from the maestro Choton Banerjee. He has a masters degree in Indian Classical Music. His bachelor was in Vocal Music where he stood third in University. He is a composer, programmer and arranger working in his own studio. His many works can be found in youtube, reverbnation and other social networks. Already he has been mesmerized many audiences in abroad as well as in India. He has expertise both in Indian classical and Western music. Many overwhelming projects are upcoming from his studio.