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Shri Kartikswami Ramdas dahifale - M1715

Discipline: Tabla
  • US$ 25 per class
  • anahatkd@gmail.com
  • +91 9637966030


Kartikswami Dahifale                 


Contact : 9637966030

Kartikswami  Dahifale  started  learning  “Pakhawaj”  at  the  age  of  10  in  his  hometown  Ahmednagar,  from  Guru  Shri. Naresh  Khanavkar  and  Guru  Shri. Dnyaneshwar  Sable. After  seeing  interest  in  percussions,  he  decided  to  start   learning  tabla, at  the  age  of  13  under  the  guidance  of  Guru  Shri. Shekhar  Darawde  from Ahmednagar  and  Guru  Shri. Nikhil  Phatak  from  Pune.  


Kartikswami  is  taking  up  graduation  degree  in  Tabla  from  “Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune”. Thus  he got  a  rounded  knowledge  by  which  he  is  able  to  theorise  his  instrumental  knowledge  analytically. In  spite  of  playing  Tabla  and  Pakhawaj,  Kartikswami  also  has  a  flair  for  playing  Maharashtra’s  folk  instruments  “Dholak  and  Dholaki”.   


In  Lalit  Kala  Kendra, he  has  helped  organize  workshops,  lecture-demonstrations, performances  of  eminent  artists  invited .  Now  taking  a  step  ahead,  he  is  being  a  creative  part  of  an  organization  ,  “Kaushikranjani”  and  working  for the  bright  future  of  Indian  classical  music.









   B.A. in Instrumental Music- Tabla, from Lalit Kala Kendra Gurukul, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

Parsing M.A. degree in Instrumental Music -Tabla , from Lalit Kala Kendra Gurukul , Savitribai Phule Pune University , Pune.


  Cleared “Akhila  Bhartiya  Gandharva  Mahavidyalaya’s”  Prarambhika ,  Praveshika  Prathama ,  Praveshika  Purna , Madhyama  and  Madhyama  Purna  exam  with  first  class.







  “Udat Abeer”  based  on  a  famous  Indian  festival  Hori,  performed  in  2017.


  “Shakti”, a  production  based  on  Indian  Godess ,  through  the  lenses of  Indian  classical  music  and  dance, performed  in  Pune  on  the  occasion  of  Navaratri  2017 , also  on  the  occasion  of  prestigious 69th   foundation  day  of  SPPU and  prestigious  40th  Sargam  Festival,  Ahmadnagar  in  2018.


  Performed  tabla  solo  in  Gurupournima  Mahotsav,  Pathardi,  Ahmednagar,  Maharashtra.


  Performed  as  an  accompanist  in  Quawali  Festival, Mumbai.


  Performed  tabla  solo  and  accompanist  for  Kathak  and  vocal  music  in “Indradhanushya”  Youth  festival  2016-17.


  Performed  tabla  solo  and  accompanist  for  Kathak  and  vocal  music  in  West-zone  youth  festival,  2017-18  at  Gujrat.


  Performed as an accompanist with great as well as senior artists in the field of classical music vocal, classical instrumental etc.


  Performed in Swarayadnya mahotsav 2018


  Performed “TALKACHERI" at Nanded, Maharashtra, a concept was confluence of North Indian and South Indian classical music. 2018


  Accompanied with Mrs.Sharvari Jamenis (Kathak) in “NRUTYA-GAAN", On the occasion of fifth anniversary Dr.Ashok da.Ranade 2019.


  Performed tabla solo in Alladiya khan sahab dargah,miraj 2018


  Preformed in “BABA HARIVALLABH SANGEET SAMELAN" jalandhar,panjab 2019





Pt.Satyashil deshpande (vocal)

Pt.hemant pendse(vocal)

Pt.yadavraj phad(vocal)

Pt.Padmakar salunkhe(shehnai)

Smt.Anuradha kuber(vocal)

Smt.Sharvari Jamenis(kathak)

Shree.Nagesh Adgaonkar(Vocal)

Smt.Gayatri vairagkar-joshi(vocal)

Pt.Ravi gadgil (Sitar)

Shree.Ninad daithankar(Santoor)





  First  prize  in  Intercollege Music Competition organized by New Arts Science and Commerce college Ahmednagar.


  Ranked  2nd   in Sangeetbhushan  Pt. Ram Marathe Smriti Sangeet Samaroha, Ahmednagar. 2015


  ‘Kai.Prasannakumar Ramchandra Bhadre' smruti “TAALSADHNA" award 2020 From GANVARDHAN Sanstha,Pune




Other  Work

  Rcorded  music  pieces  for Dance , Drama , & also songs practitioners  on  tabala.

  Performed  as  a  dholak  accompanist  for  Marathi  and  hindi  filmy  songs  concerts  as  well  as  for  Gazal  and  quawali  concerts

  Management experience for events like

  Kaushik-Ranjani monthly concert,pune

  Owner of ANAHAT a music event company,pune





Social media



Twitter- https://twitter.com/KartikswamiDah1?s=09