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Shri Yogesh Chandrakant Sandanshiv - M1838

Discipline: Tabla
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 30 per class
  • yogeshsandanshiv@yahoo.co.in
  • +91 9145420017
  • +91 9421636017


I am a disciple of Pt. Ramdas Palsule (Pune).. I have 27 years of an Experience in teaching and learning fields..I have completed Master of Art in Musical (Tabla) in 2002 from Pune University.. After that I have been working as a Teacher and Started my own Dnyanganga music Academy.. many of my students has got Alankar And Mater of arts degrees in Music field..Right now they all are working professionals in same field..I have played Tabla along with many professional vocal artists,instruments players and also Tabla solo..I arrange many workshops and seminars of Tabla..