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Smt Apoorva Nastase - M1849

Discipline: Bhajan, Geet, Ghazal, Harmonium , Khayal, Kirtan, Modern Hindi, Raag Prodhan, Thumri/Dadra/Chaiti/Kajri/Jhula
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 30 per class
  • apoorva.nastase@gmail.com
  • +91 0752630066


I Mrs. Apoorva Nipankar- Nastase. I have been singing from my childhood. I learn Hindustani Classical Music from my grandmother Mrs. Malati Nipankar & with my mother Mrs. Anita Nipankar.Our singing is based on Gwalior Gharana and Jaipur-Agra Gharana.

I am taking private tutions & working in Academy.I also launched an album Shri Narayani of bhajans and classical songs Currently doing on various Musical YouTube channels. I have participated in some music and bhajans concerts in India and different countries..