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Smt Chandrima Roy - A1013

Discipline: Bengali-Recitation
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 30 per class (For 4 or more class booking)
    US$ 45 per class (for 3 or less class booking)
  • US$ 20 per class (For 4 or more class booking)
    US$ 30 per class (for 3 or less class booking)
  • chandrimaa.roy@gmail.com
  • +91 9475025969
  • +91 8016756987


Chandrimaa Roy is one of the most promising names of this genre in domain of elocution/ recitation. she presents elocution/recitation in a theatrical format encompassing music as a key ingredient. Her productions are versatile,unique and of a social impact.She always prefers to impart a message to the audience through her design, presentation and selection. MeghRupkatha, Sraban Kathay Chandrima, FagRasiya, Rabindranath: Sankate-Sampade, Kalosware Koyilketa, Bangla Vasa Uchharito Hole are few of her major productions that have received love and appreciation form audience immensely from all parts of the world. She has had the honor to present her work in many prestigious programs and occasions in India and her work has crossed the borders as well. she serves as a science correspondent of Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata. She has also had the rare opportunity of interviewing two Nobel laureates in the centenary conference of Indian science congress in 2013. She, a 1st class 2nd pass-out of Jadavpur University from the department of Electrical Engineering, is excellent in her performance, research and deliverance. Her blending of intellect and ecstasy, makes her work outstanding and extraordinary!

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