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Discipline: Odissi
  • US$ 20 per class
  • roychowdhury.kakalikol@gmail.com
  • +91 9830188791
  • +91 9051860661



Indian Classical Dance (Odissi)

Address - C/O Kali Prasad Roy Chowdhury

42/3 sashi Bhusan Neogi garden Lane

Kolkata -700036 (W.B.)

Mail ID - roychowdhury.kakalikol@gmail.com

Mobile - 9051860661, 9830188791



 An energetic, physically fit and confident Dance teacher who has a successful track record of improving a student’s knowledge and understanding of dance. She holds recognized teaching qualifications, has experience of teaching all age groups and not only fully understands the needs of students, but also has the ability to quickly engage with them. I am relentlessly results orientated, and is dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards across all curriculum key stages. Right now I am looking for a suitable position with an organization that wants to recruit a professional who can consistently deliver high levels of dance teaching.


Professional Experience

 Kakali Roy Chowdhury is an immensely talented odissi dancer from kolkata. She is one of the senior disciples of guru Sri Subhash Mukherjee. She has being practicing odissi dance under his guidance for past many years.

She completed her M.A. with first class marks (68%) in odissi dance from Rabindra Bharati University, kolkata.

Qualified set and pursuing Phd from Rabindra Bharati University, kolkata.

Her eagerness to learn more brought her to Bhubaneswar, where she attended perfection under the guidance of honorable and world renowned guru, Smt. Sujata Mohapatra.

She also attended many workshops under the guidance of renowned gurus to name Guru  Ratikanta Mahapatra

She is also the founder and principal of "KALAKUNJA, (dance therapy, vision movement center) an organization dedicated for learning Odissi dance

She was teaching faculty of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, like K.V. fort william, K.V. bamangachi, K.V. Command hospital. She was also working as a choreographer of army public school. She was a teaching faculty of Banichakra (music & dance training college)


·        Assessed students' dancing abilities and created individual training techniques and methods to enhance each one’s special gifts.

·        Planned dance programs and dance revolution events to expose the dancers and provide a venue for the kids to show their talents.

·        Conceptualized, explained and demonstrated dance choreographies, formations, facial expressions, bodily gestures and techniques.

·        Advised students regarding proper gestures, feet formation and angle, correct postural alignment, timing and dance techniques to prevent injuries.

·        Helped students feel appreciated and rewarded for sharing their talents and having the proper discipline.

·        Researched constantly on the latest dance trends, moves, rhythm, music genre and artists.

·        Handled the school’s dance classes which involves all high school years starting from Freshman to Senior classes.

·        Taught proper dance steps and techniques for each dance routine.

·        Choreographed, demonstrated and performed the dance moves correctly for the students to follow.

·        Introduced and implemented proper techniques to be observed while dancing, which involved warm-ups and stretching prior to dance, to prevent injuries and help condition the body up for safe dance moves.

·        Graded and evaluated student performances by having individual recitals at the end of each term.

·        Taught children several different styles of dance.

·        Handled group and personal lessons on modern technique.

·        Conducted hour-long combination classes of tap and classical ballet for young children.

·        Acted as a guardian to all of the kids under her classes and tried to look for ways to explain the techniques to the kids in a way that they will remember and understand.


She completed her M.A. in political science from Calcutta University.

 Major Dance Performance

1.           Uday Shankar Dance Festival

2.           Uttorpara Sangeet Chakra Dance Festival

3.           Cuttack Mahotsav, Cuttack

4.           Nimapara Dance Festival, Bhubaneswar

5.           Toshali Festival, Bhubaneswar

6.           International Dance Festival, Delhi

7.           Classical Dance & Music Festival, Organised By (Ministry Of Culture, Delhi & Kolkata)

8.           Classical Dance & Musical Festival, Agartala

9.           Dance Festival In Bangladesh, Organised By Ministry Of Culture, India

10.        Haldia Mahotsav

11.        Ras Mahotsav, Koch Bihar

12.        Bishnupur Festival, Bishnupur

13.        Durga Puja Festival In Delhi & Vizag

14.        Classical Dance Festival, Jamshedpur

15.        Dance Drama Festival, Bilaspur

16.        Performance In The Celebration Of 100 Years Of Ramjas College,(North Campus, Delhi University)

17.        North Bengal Dance Festival,

18.        Closing Ceremony Of Asian Games, Ranchi

19.        Doordarshan Kendra, Kolkata

20.        Good Evening India, Delhi Doordarshan

21.        Guru Govindam Kutty Dance Festival

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