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Smt Binasree Ghosh - D1118

Discipline: Kathak , Rabindra Nrittya
  • US$ 25 per class
  • binalovelife@gmail.com
  • +91 8101263807


Binasree Ghosh has been performing since 8years. She is a professional in Kathak  and Bengali  Folk dance. She is also the founder of Nrityaree Dance Academy. She is widely known for her breath taking performance on a  song from Bhanu Singh's Padawali. Ther astounding expression in Kathak has given her the game of Adwitya     2020 which is a State level competition. Adwitya means exceptional.

She being an Adwitya, attempts to fill her disciples with exceptional grace and gives special emphasis on expression as it is her belief that Dance or Nritya can be executed when you start feeling the emotions on the click of every beat. She has also performed as Chandalika in Singapore in the year 2010.

Shen has performed nationally as well as internationally and her dance recitals have been featured on many national channels, such as, Doordashan, Tara music, CCN.