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Smt Angana - D1137

Discipline: Creative - Uday Shankar style
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 30 per class
  • angana.nandi2013@gmail.com
  • +91 7890843082


Leared Uday Shankar Style for 18years

West Bengal Dance Federation workshop 2014 on Kalaripayattu.

West Bengal Dance Federation workshop 2015 on ThangTa.

West Bengal Dance Federation workshop 2016 on Natyasastra.

Sangeet Natya Academi workshop on Bharatnatyam under guidence of Padmabhusan C.V Chandrasekhar

Assistent Choreographer Of Zeebangla DANCE BANGLA DANCE JUNIOR

*Asssistent Choreographer Of Zeebangla SAREGAMAPA 2015

*Asssistent Choreographer Of Bindass Dance of Colors Bangla 2016

*Asssistent Choreographer Of BindassDance of Colors Bangla 2017

*Choreographer of Zee Bangla Sonar Sangsar 2018

*Choreographed in NAAC Annual Show In Sarsuna College

*Cinematographer  in the film AFTERLIFE

*Choreographed CHANDALIKA which has been perfomed Internationally in 2016

*Choreographed CHITRANGADA which has been perfomed Internationally in 2017

*Choreographed and performed in TALSARI BEACH FESTIVAL ODISSA INDIA

*Choreographed and Performed in KEONJHAR DANCE FESTIVAL INDIA

*Performed in World Renouned Dance drama SABARI,Created and directed by Mamata Shankar.G

Guest dance trainer at JOTE SHIBRAMPUR GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 2015

*Guest dance trainer at KHIDDIRPUR ORIA HIGH SCHOOL 2015

*Guest dance trainer at BEHALA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 2015

*Dance faculty at Narayana Schools CBSC Board 2017.

*Dance faculty at UTTARAYANA. 


*1st in West Bengal YubaUtsav 2010.

*2nd in West Bengal YubaUtsav 2012. *1st in KolkataInter-College Cultural Competition "Exubrance" Rabindranitya2014

*1st in Inter-college Cultural Competition" Exuberance" Bharatnayam2014

*1st in Kolkata inter-college Cultural Competition "Exuberance" Groupe dance 2014

*1st in Kolkata inter-college Competition Rabindranitya 2015

*1st in inter-college Competition Groupe Dance 2015

*Got Silver medal from MSDC in 2016.

*Best cinematographer for the film “MASKED THE UNSEEN KOLKATA” & “TASTE OF LITTLE INDIA”

*Assist Kalamandalam Gautam For Kathakali2017

*Directer of the filmTaste of little India

*Awaded from 5th International Business Genius Bangladesh 2020 as a choreographer

*Awaded from Unakoti Film Festival 2020 for 'Agomani' best set design