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Vidushi Kalamandalam Swarnadipa Mahanta - D1143

Discipline: Kuchipudi , Mohiniyattam
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  • +91 8906156554
  • www.kalamandalamswarnadeepa.com


My self Kalamandala Swarnadipa Mahanta

I am an Indian classical dancer (Mohiniyattam & Kuchipudi)

Dance Diploma in Mohiniyattam & Kuchipudi from kerala kalamandalam Deemed University(2002-2006).

Academic Qualification, The Gurus and Training: 

Trained in Kathak Under Guru Manisha Bhattacharya ( 1987-1990)

In Bharathanatyam under Guru Kalamandalam T. Shankara Narayanan

(Principal of Sangeet Bhavan, Biswabharati Santiniketan). (1990-2000)

Recitation & Drama under the guidance of Guru Itusree Mahanta.

Trained in Martial Arts, Folk Dance & Creative Dance. (1995-2000)

Secondary from West Bengal (2000)

Trained Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalata (2000-2004)

In Kuchipudi under training- Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi (2004-2007)

Diploma in Mohiniyattam & Kuchipudi from Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University (2002-2006)

(Gurus Kalamandalam Padmini ,Kalamaadalam Leelamma, Kalamaadalam Hymavathi, Kalamandalam Pushpalata, Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi)

National scholarship from the government of India for higher studies in Mohiniyattam& Kuchipudi.

Graded artist of Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata.


Selected Bangla Addithiya, West Bengal best dancer awards instituted by Shalimar Anand Bazar in 2002.

Awarded as the Best Young talent in the year 2003 at Dover lane Music & Dance Competition. Kolkata.

National Scholarship, from the Government of India for Higher studies in Mohiniyattam2002-04 and Kuchipudi 2005-07 under the guidance of Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalatha Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi.

Star Ananda Satellite channel in 2010 awarded as best DURGA

For Successful a unique nonstop (26 hours) dance performance for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on the occasion of Rabindra Nath Tagore 150th Birth anniversary celebrations at Rabindra bharati Hyderabad, India 2012.

I perfomed in several prestigious Indian Dance Festival. I received invitation from Germany, Sweden ,Netherland ,Russia Doha,etc & most of European country not only to perform but also to conduct Mohiniyattam workshop at certain venues.