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Smt Ramya Natarajan - D1169

Discipline: Bharatnatyam
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 Ramya Natarajan @ Ramya Vikram

(Bharathanatyam Performer, Choreographer, Artistic Director - Smriya Nrithya Kalalayam, Dance movement psychotherapist)

About me:

Creative Performer and teacher with many performances both in India and abroad, Ramya Natarajan @ Ramya Vikram is a soulful dancer trained in Pandanallur and Kalakshetra style under the tutelage of various versatile gurus. Her Initial training began with NatyaKalaratna Smt. Rajeswari Sundaraman at chennai.Later she was Professionally recognized with a diploma in Bharathanatyam from Alliance University under the able guidance of Dr.Vasanth Kiran, Bangalore and a Diploma in Nattuvangam from Annamalai University, Chidambaram under the guidance of “Natyacharya” Smt. Padma, Chennai. She is also currently pursuing Dance movement psychotherapy course from centre of excellence , UK.She is also getting trained under “Kalaimamani” Dr. Lakshmi Ramaswamy regarding nuances in Abhinaya and advanced nattuvangam Skills from “Nattuvanga Kalaimamani” Kalamandalam Karthika Harikrishnan.

Her passion for Bharathanatyam has seen her as a regular performer in various leading sabhas and organizations.She has given performances in various Natyanjalis, Navarathri Series, Various International Classical Dance festivals outside Tamil nadu, Marghazhi Natya Vizha, Adi Thiruvizha by Sri Veeramakaliamman Trust, Singapore and Abhinayam 2019- Royal Hindu College, Srilanka.

Smt. Ramya has been awarded as “NatyaPrabha” by Nrithya Kala Surabhi of fine Arts(NAADAM) for her performance in the Ananthapuri International Classical Dance Festival. She has been

awarded as the "Best Choreographer- Duet & Group" by Royal Hindu College - Srilanka at Abhinayam 2019.

Smt. Ramya is determined to spread this divine art form and trains her students to attain

perfection, instilling Indian culture with deep dedication and commitment. She is passionate and dreams of making her students beautiful dancers who understand the nuances, rhythm, beauty and aesthetics behind this art form. She has also been providing assistance for many dancers with body Kinesthetics and Body conditioning in order to achieve proper Angashuddham.

She has also been associated with Doordarshan Podhigai television channel as a Judge for bharatham dance programs.

As a founder of “Smriya Nrithya Kalalayam , Dance school”, she is in the process of grooming a number of young artists in Bharathanatyam and Nattuvangam and is a source of encouragement and inspiration to all of them.


❖ “Puducherry Natyanjali '' on 22nd February 2020 as part of Mahashivarathi Celebrations.

❖ “Bharat Nrithya Utsav 2020” under the auspices of “Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha'' on 4th

February 2020 .

❖ “Margazhi Natya Vizha 2019-2020” under the auspices of “Pushpanjali Cultural Trust” on 16th

December 2019 and was honoured with shield and a Certificate.

❖ “All India Battle Fest” by I-stand for Arts on Nov 24th 2019.

❖ Mylapore Kapaleeswarar temple as part of “Navarathri Natya Vizha '' under the auspices of

Ganamukunthapriya trust on 16th November 2019.

❖ International dance competition “Abhinayam -2019" conducted by Royal Hindu college Union -


❖ “Ananthapuri” International Classical dance Festival, Trivandrum.

❖ Sri Veeramakali amman Temple, Singapore. Specially invited to perform.

❖ “Susmriti”, An occasion on the remembrance of K.N Dhandayuthapanipillai conducted by

“kalamamani” Smt.Surya Santhanam , a direct disciple of “Padhamasri” K.N Dhandayuthapani pillai

on 29th October 2018.

❖ Approved RagaLabs participant for Chennai region by Indian Raga.

❖ “Guiness record holder” for performing in most people participating in rain dance

❖ Chidambaram Natiyanjali festival,2017

❖ Marghazhi utsavam under the auspices of Ganamukundhapriya.

❖ Kabaleewarar Aadi Thiruvizha in the sannidhi of kabaleeswarar temple under the auspices of malar

cultural trust

❖ TAMBRAAS Festival.

Had performed in various temples and Sabhas during festivals like

➔ Thenupureeswarar temple,Tambaram in 2016

➔ Varasiddhivinayakar Temple,pallikarnai in 2016

➔ Vaani Mahal 2018 - Pranavam, 2018.

➔ Rani seethai hall - Sathbhaavana Celebrations,2019.


● “NATTUVANGA KALAIMANI” from Annamalai university

● “ANYA KALA KOUSHAL” by I-Stand for Arts

● “BEST CHOREOGRAPHER” by Royal hindu college


● “NATYAPRABHA” - Nrithya Kala Surabhi of fine Arts(NAADHAM)

● “NATYAKALA RATHNA” Ganamukundhapriya Trust

● Awarded Certificate Of Distinction In Bharathanatyam from Alliance


● Awarded Certificate Of Distinction In Nattuvangam from

Annamalai university