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Vidushi Astha Godbole Karlekar - D1190

Discipline: Kathak
  • US$ 30 per class
  • asthakarlekar@gmail.com
  • +91 9403168990


Astha Godbole Karlekar

Kathak Exponent and Theatre artist

This Lucknow born Kathak performer received her Professional training under Guru Shishya Parampara from her mother, the famous Kathak dancer Smt. Savita Godbole, a sincere and hardworking disciple of the Kathak Doyen GURU ACHARYA LACCHU MAHARAJ, of Lucknow Gharana.

          Astha started getting her lessons in Kathak Dance at her tiny age of five years. By her devotion sincere efforts and the rigorous training of her mother, she was mould to a promising Artist.

          Astha started showing the spark from Eighth Year of her age, where, Astha gave her maiden stage performance at Bundelkhand Sangeet Samaroh, where, she performed with Smt. Savita Godbole her mother. The first achievement she received was at the All India Music Conference at Allahabad in1988.this competition was a Prayag Sangeet Samiti organization. Astha won this competition and also won the hearts of the audience when she performed at the prize distribution ceremony. Since Then, Astha never look back. Astha has always shown her ‘class’, be it a Scholarship- Test, or a performance, at a Local level, or a National level. She was always cheered by her parent at her each and every achievement.

 After a 15 years of kathak training, Astha Applied for the three years full time training for Drama school under the guidance of  The then Director School Of Drama Mr. Vasant  Josalkar , teachtures Mrs. Padmshree Josalkar, Afsar Hussain at School Of Drama, Kala Academy, Goa. It was her Father Dr. Udaykumar Godbole who encouraged her to choose the field of Arts as a career.  

The theatre element has made the dancing style of Astha different then the others, it has Ada kari (speaciality of Lucknow Gharana) Tayyari  and Strong Abhinaya. Marriage is a very important phase of any Indian women even today  there are very less ladies who can continue there career after marriage. Astha is one of the lucky women with the full support of her husband she is perusing her carrier. It has added a grace by the award of JUNIOR FELLOWSHIP by Govt. of India.

Empanel Artist of Indian Council for Cultural Relationship