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Smt Joyita Pal - D1046

Discipline: Creative - Uday Shankar style
  • US$ 20 per class
  • joyita.88@gmail.com
  • +91 8420255412


JOYITA PAL is a performing artist of Uday Shankar Style of New Age Dance . She is working with Mrs. Tanusree Shankar in her dance company by her name. She is also a teacher at Tanusree Shankar Dance Academy. 

She has been under training in Uday Shankar style for Twelve years under the guidance of Mrs.Tanusree Shankar. 

Joyita is also trained in various contemporary dance forms. She has been a recipient of Uday Shankar Award which provided her a scholarship to learn Contemporary Form from The Place, London. 

She is also trained in Odissi and Kathak. Presently she is getting trained in Odissi under the guidance of Shashwati Garai Ghosh and in Margya Natya under the guidance of Piyal Bhattacharya. 

Joyita is also pursuing her dance career as a choreographer. Her experiments with the New age Dance is contemporary yet retains the Indian Spirit and Flavour.