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Smt Emelee Ghosh - D1064

Discipline: Kathak
  • This teacher haven't scheduled any class.
  • US$ 35 per class
  • emeleeghosh@gmail.com
  • + 9051650877


Emelee Ghosh, a follower of Lucknow and Jaipur Gharana, performing as a Professional Artist for the last 21 years. Being an empaneled artist of ICCR and EZCC she also received the senior scholarship from Govt of India and an A grade artist of Prasar Bharati. Padmabhibhushan Pt Kishan Maharajji named her "Yamini" and Sur Singar Samsad entitled her with Singarmani.

Performed in manor classical festivals of India and worked as a faculty under Govt of Thailand too. Represented India in Seychelles from ICCR on Republic Day.